Offering Investment Consultation

With regard to the 20-year records and experiences of this company in various trade, domestic and foreign economic levels and sector, as well as considering updated information of the experts of this company in all matters related to international trade, as well as all matters relevant to investment inside and outside the country for the quick-return profitable economic projects with a very low and safe investment, please contact our experts based in this company.

OurTrade and Commercial Records

This company with over 20 years experience, which is in the field of commercial services and foreign trade, purchasing goods from the origin, is a member of Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and a member of Chamber of Commerce of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has strong bank accounts.

OurExport experiences

Since every commodity for export requires a series of necessary parameters for obtaining the standards of the manufacturing country as well as its special permits and licenses, for example, food stuff requires obtaining Authorization of Health, Quarantine and Plant Protection Organization permits. Considering when a commodity is exported, the staff of this company has always tried that it lies among the best products manufactured domestically and it can easily obtain the relevant certificates.

We can also assure our clients that the goods, which are cleared from the Customs of Canada and are sent to the client’s destination, comply with the world latest best qualities and also have the capability of obtaining standards and tests required in the country of destination and before sending the commodity, all the documents required for the importing country, with regard to the Customs latest rules and regulations of that country, are sent to the client and if some special certifications are required, in order to export goods from Canada, this company is able to provide any document required by the customs of the country of destination without undue delay and send to the client, who has purchased the goods through fast mail: DHL, TNT or ARAMEX, which cooperate with this company.

TargetCountries for export

We export to all major countries for the business parties of the company.

The major countries, which are the business parties of this company, are as follows:

We mainly import goods to the countries listed above and our target countries for export, are as follows:

However, we are considering to include other exporting target countries such as CIS as well as Latin America.

As such, studies are in progress, to trade with our future intended target countries and if you have any proposal to import and export to our future intended target countries or other countries, which are not as very important in our target trade (business), we will accept your offer with open arms and we will always be honored, if you consider and open new horizons from the ocean of economics and international trade to our company.

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