Introduction of the company

  • Brilliant Experience
  • Successful International Trade
  • Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Canada Global Trading INC, has been registered in Vancouver, Canada and its experienced staff and strong management with over 20 years of brilliant work experience in various fields of international trade, with the purpose of improving the conditions of business atmosphere and performing successful international trade with the customer-oriented slogan could not only add to its customers, but contribute to the customers’ effort and success as well, and attract their satisfaction.

This company has headquarters in Vancouver and a commercial office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The main objective of the company is Export

The main objective of the company is offering all commercial services as well as exporting the goods and products with Canadian quality, especially advanced technologies in all fields including electronics, industrial machineries and agricultural products, which all manufactured goods are from Canada or under the license of Canada and covers the Persian Gulf countries (GCC), Central Asia and African countries.

The purchasing and shipping of the raw material for import to Canada from all over the world in the field of production and commercial goods for its clients.

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