Main Objective Exporting goods and products with Canadian quality

Export of advanced technologies in all fields including electronics, industrial machineries and agricultural products, where all manufactured 
goods are from Canada or under the license of Canada and shipped to the Persian Gulf Countries (GCC), Central Asia and African countries. The purchasing and shipping of the raw material for import to Canada from all over the world in the field of production and commercial goods for its clients.

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Investment Consultation

With regard to the 20-year records and experiences of this company in various trade, domestic and foreign economic levels and sector, as well as considering updated information of the experts of this company in all matters related to international trade, as well as all matters relevant to investment inside and outside the country for the quick-return profitable economic projects with a very low and safe investment, please contact our experts based in this company.

Our export experience Meeting all necessary parmaters

Since every commodity for export requires a series of necessary parameters for obtaining the standards of the manufacturing country as well as its special permits and licenses. For example food stuff requires obtaining Authorization of Health, Quarantine and Plant Protection Organization permits. Considering when a commodity is exported, the staff of this company has always tried that it lies among the best products manufactured domestically and it can easily obtain the relevant certificates.

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